Playlist Connect

Today I’m thrilled to announce that a Beta release for the next platform and the newly created Playlist Connect is available for all supported versions of Windows, macOS and Android.

This new platform and digital experience has been in development for the past year by our team of passionate developers from all over the world.

Our goal with our new platform and Playlist Connect is to create a truly interactive experience for the digital natives while making it safer and easier to rent a karaoke machine for your next event.  Our community has been with us on this journey from the beginning and your feedback is making it possible to rapidly improve.

Cinnamon Meadow

This is the first Beta release of Playlist Connect Dashboard for which we’ve named the “Cinnamon Meadow” build.  It is the first of eight subsequent build versions, allowing for organic continuous improvement.  Each build features a uniquely named original mascot.

Mascots are chosen to represent the uniquely named Playlist Connect Build and are displayed by clicking on the version number.

Now that the Beta Experience for the New Platform is available, I’d like to call on you to jump on in and be the first to experience the new platform.

You can be part of the Beta Experience and send your feedback using our Beta Feedback message centre.

New features:

Beta is the final preview channel which will come online before launch.  As we release upgraded Beta versions of the Playlist Connect dashboard over the coming months – be the first to try it now and submit your Beta feedback on the digital experience.

Playlist Connect Release Name Release Schedule
Cinnamon Meadow December 25, 2020
Ginger Jungle January 25, 2020
Masala Mountain February 25, 2020
Paprika Pond March – April
Honey Harbor TBD
Cherry Hills TBD
Basil Bobcat TBD
Butterfly Beach Quarter 3 –  2021

Join the OttawaKaraoke Playlist Connect Beta Testing Program

Joining the OttawaKaraoke Beta Insiders program allows for exclusive 50% – 60% discounts on the overall rental package, allowing you to experience the new platform and submit any needed feedback while we roll forward to the March 2021 release of Paprika Pond.