Invite everyone you can: 

Invite your friends, family, and even those cool new neighbours you’ve been meaning to have over. The more the merrier!

Bring the snacks: 

Buy or make enough snacks to feed a small karaoke army. Remember, it isn’t a good party without something good to munch on.

Rent a karaoke machine:

Book your karaoke party with and make sure you choose all your favourite accessories.  A great way to increase participation is to include (sing with 5 karaoke singers), this comes with five microphones and stands.  This works great for group singalongs, and karaoke classics which get everyone singing, and dancing.  Songs like “YMCA”, “Greased Lightning”.  A great way to unleash your friend’s inner talent.

What’s a karaoke party without decorations:

Use a fancy, or colourful rug to section off the karaoke stage.  Extra items like decorative balloons and tinsel backdrops make great karaoke stages and add that extra flair!  Hanging up a silver shower curtain or sparkly door beads lets your guests take to the karaoke stage in style!

Get a playlist together:

Setting up a playlist helps keep the party vibe going.  You can always switch to a different song in the moment.  Ask your friends their “go-to karaoke songs” and make a note.  If you start this early enough, you’ll already get the excitement rolling and your friends will have time to think of those “special requests”.  You just may be surprised to see what they pick.

Have costumes and props ready:

Have a bunch of silly costumes ready for your guests, items like wigs, props, and accessories for your friends to wear.  This helps bring your friends performance to light.  Boas, hats, funky glasses and wigs also help your guests get into character.

Pick a karaoke host:

Get the karaoke party going by assigning someone to be the karaoke host and karaoke DJ.  As the karaoke host, your job is to bring out everyone’s “inner voice”, their “inner diva”. Start with some ‘easy-to-sing’ hits, your guests will appreciate it and make room for your friends and their special performances.

There will be a few ‘karaoke divas’, just waiting to unleash their inner voice.

-Zia Bishop
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or The Ramones