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Easy Lovin You Lyrics:

Original songwriter: Phillip Ray White, Amber White The best thing that I ever did at the time was my worst mistake

Seventeen and just a kid

I was seventeen when I threw my childhood away

For a hazel-eyed quarterback

Senior year and eight months pregnant

I'd never felt so fat

Wishin' I could go to prom but they

Don't make dresses for girls like that

Girls like that

I shoulda been cheerin' for the home team

Top of my lungs sayin' go big blue

I shoulda been marchin' with the band

'Stead of cryin' in a delivery room

Those things were all worth goin' through

But lookin' back it was hard lovin' me

But it's easy lovin' you

School all day and worked all night

Granny watched you play and sang lullaby's

I got home just in time to watch my baby fall asleep watch my angel fall asleep

Now I'm the youngest mom at PTO you always keep me on the go

Between basketball and ballet class

And I can't believe you're growin' up so fast

Yeah we're growin' up so fast

We're finally cheerin' for the home team

Top of our lungs sayin' go big blue

It's funny how your life can turn out

How time can make those mountains move

And everything is worth goin' through

It's not so hard lovin' me 'cos it's easy lovin' you

Yeah it's easy lovin' you it's easy lovin' you it's easy lovin' you

Artist Information

American country music singer Born on April 11, 1969 from Texas

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