Arielle Dombasle - Quien Sera (Sway)

Quien Sera (Sway)

Original songwriter: Pablo Beltrán Ruiz, Luis Demetrio

When marimba rythms start to play

Dance with me make me sway

Like the lazy ocean hugs the shore

Hold me close sway me more

Like a flower bending in the breeze

Bend with me sway with ease

When we dance you have a way with me

Stay with me sway with me

He querido volver a vivir

La passion y el calor de tu amor

Un amor que me sera sentir que me hiciera feliz

I can hear the sound of violins long before it begins

Make me thrill as only you know how

Sway me smooth sway me now

Other dancers may be on the floor

Dear but my eyes will see only you

Only you have that magic technique

When we sway

I grow weak


Quien sera

Quien sera

Yo no se si la podre encontrar

Yo no se

Yo no se

Yo no se si vuelve a querer

Yo no se quien sera

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Artist Information

French actress, director and singer, born 27 April 1957 in Norwich, Connecticut, USA. She is married to Bernard-Henri Lévy.

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