Marty Robbins - 18 Yellow Roses

18 Yellow Roses

Original songwriter: Bobby Darin

Eighteen yellow roses came today

Eighteen yellow roses in a pretty bouquet

When the boy came to the door

I didn't know what to say

But eighteen yellow roses came today

I opened up the box to see what it said

I couldn't believe my eyes when I had read

Though you belong to another

I love you anyway

Yes, eighteen yellow roses came today

I never doubted your love for a minute

I always knew you could be true

But now this box and the flowers in it

I guess there's nothin' left for me to do

But ask to meet the boy that's done this thing

And find out if he's got plans to buy you a ring

'Cos eighteen yellow roses will fade and die someday

But a father's love will never fade away

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Soft Rock

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American country singer and songwriter, successful as a recording artist, stage performer, actor, author, songwriter, and stock car racer. Robbins was born 26 September 1925 in Glendale, Arizona, USA and died 8 December 1982 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Born into a poverty with his twin sister Mamie, he quit school in his teens and served in the navy during 1943–45. Robbins’ career started in 1947, and he soon had his own radio and television shows on KPHO in Phoenix. His big break came in 1951 when Jimmy Dickens guested on his TV show. Dickens was so impressed that he encouraged his record company, Columbia, to give Robbins a contract. In 1953 Robbins joined the Grand Ole Opry and moved to Nashville and in 1965 he started performing on the last segment of the Opry so he could race stock car at the Nashville Speedway. Among the more successful crossover artists during the 1950's & 1960's, Robbins was able to handle a wide variety of musical styles with his versatile baritone. He recorded country, western, rockabilly, Hawaiian music, gospel, & his specialty which was pop ballads. Over the course of his career, Robbins had a total of ninety-four charting records, with sixteen going to the #1 position. On October 11, 1982, Robbins was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, just seven weeks before he suffered a heart attack, on December 2. He died six days later at the age of fifty-seven. His children include country singer Ronny Robbins.

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